Top 10 Best Collage Making Apps for Android Users in 2017

The most known and used smartphone platform from the past few years is Android. Most of the people, including me use Android smartphones. The main advantage of using a smartphone is that it allows you to manage your task using various different applications. You can simply download this application from the play store, or Black Mart. Today, I’m gonna walk you through Top 10 Best Collage Making apps For Android.

Because, with new and updated Hardware and camera, the photo quality of smartphones is getting better. People started taking more selfies and groupies from their Phones. And now they need awesome and easy to handle applications to customise their photos. And that’s why I’m here.Top 10 Best Collage Making Apps for Android Users in 2017

List of 10 Best Collage making apps for android :

Although, there are many best collage making apps out there At Play Store. But, here in this section, I’ll only talk about TOP 10, which I think are the Best Ones. Let’s have a Look at them.

10. Pixlr

Pixlr is an amazing application developed by Autodesk Inc. Like all the basic functionalities of a Photo collage application, It also provides amazing abilities of photos resizing, picture border enhancing methods and much more. which makes it different from all other Photo collage making applications. You must give it a try. It is a free application and you can easily find it at the Play Store.

9. Photo Grid

Photo Grid is another amazing application for making photos collage of your personal Photos from your device. It provides a very simple and easy to use, User interface. Which makes it #9 on our list of TOP 10 Best Collage making apps for android. It provides Better Image handling during collage making, and Easy customization Templates, Few pre-defined Templates. You can add texts into the final image via scrapbook option. There’s also a Filmstrip feature that lets you tell a story via a long picture, consisting of multiple images, text and stickers.

8. Lipix

One of the Best Photos Collage making an application out there. It is very simple and easy to use. The More than 100+ Templates makes it more easy and special to use. Where you only need to add your favourite images from the android device and Simply finalise your photo collage. There are many more features in it. You can explore them by yourself, as they add beauty to your photos and memories.

7. Pic Collage

Another amazing pic collage maker, which lets you make your party/memory images more memorable, by simply adding images by tapping & add your favourite stickers, text, images, overlay divisions etc. Simple and easy construction and options let you become the God of Professional Photo Collage. You can make fun of friends, or make memories with them via this awesome Photo Collage making an application.

6. piZap

The simple, fast and clean User interface lets you learn this amazing application very quickly, and you’ll be easily become the master of making photo collages after using this android application. It has 1000+ collage layouts, 35+ themes, 70+ fonts and much more.  where the attractive stickers make the look of your photo collages much more beautiful. You should give it a try.

5. Photo Collage

The amazing Photo collage layout editor, which enables you to choose from many of their various layouts and templates. You can express your emotions in the collage via various modes. Add images in the application manually or let it automatically arrange all the pictures according to their sizes. You can paste a pic via the web link. and share them directly to social networking sites through the single click.

4. Instaframe

Instaframe is one of the fast and effective photo best collage making apps. You just need to complete the step by step procedure to take your photos collage into life. Simply select a suitable Template and then select few images of your choice. Adjust them into the frame, and there you go. You’ve simply created a professional looking photo collage in just an instance. That’s why this application is named as “Instagram“.

3. KD Collage

The app places grid options centre, front, Right etc. options to select an appropriate size photo collage appeal. You can add from to 9 images in the photo collage. You can also apply various effects on the individual image, enhance or fade away the image borders and stickers + text effects. Few more image enhancing such as background framing etc. can make the final output beautiful. Have a try.

2. Photo Grid

The most popular and best known android application for making photo collages. It has got  4.9 Rating out of 5 at the Play Store. Due to its simple and relevant name, it is very popular for this work. It consists of all the normal and basic options for the photo collage application. In addition to those options, it also has the tool to create a short video slideshow with Music. Which can add life to your memories related to the photo collage? You must give this one a try. It is one of my favourite photo collage making App.

1. Moldiv

The classic looking Modern working android application makes everything possible for you in the photo collage. Create an eye-catching Collage and share it with your friends to get their appreciation. You will get access to tons of Database items using this application. You can add lots of frames, stickers, texts, image borders etc. to your photo collage to give it more professional look. Its look and working method make the user experience very much better. That’s the main reason for this app being #1 above all other photo collage making the application.

In the End, I’m sure that you’ve learnt alot about making beautiful memories using apps. I hope, you’ll like this Article. If you are in doubt or you have any query related to this article. You can leave a comment below. I will try to help you with all I can. Thanks.


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