CASE 007 Switch Manufacturer



The Problem

The customer was an electrical switch manufacturer with a problem during assembly of their product. Solder spatter during the connector assembly process had increased costs to an unacceptable level. The spattered solder rendered defective the expensive electronic chips, (supplied as a connector for an air conditioning unit to the automotive industry), leading to a high rejection rates and a substantial increase in costs.

The Solution

The customer had a significant problem that was costing them dearly. Advanex was able to solve the problem through creative use of their advanced technology. We offered:

  • An innovative approach
  • Advanced processes
  • An inexpensive, easy solution

The customer approached Advanex with the need to develop a connector that would not be damaged from solder spattering during assembly. They needed an easy way of protecting the expensive device from damage.

The creativity of Advanex engineers and with proven technology made it possible to find an ideal solution. To prevent solder spattering during assembly, they found that it would be useful to integrate a cover into the product. The cover should not hinder the soldering process, and removal once the component is installed needed to be simple with no risk of damage to the rest of the device.

To do this, the cover needed to be secure but insubstantial enough to allow easy removal. The main factor was the material thickness of the joint portion.

An ideal thickness could not be calculated but the engineer was able to achieve optimal performance through his best judgement.

To manufacture the product, Advanex used our double insert molding technology. The approach to solving this problem has been and object lesson to Advanex staff that demonstrates the importance of creativity in finding a solution.

Advanex is proud to have developed a product that is still vital to this customer 15 years later.



Insert molding

Forming Method

Insert molding




Switch manufacturer


Electric board connector




3 months in development


Develop connector preventing solder spatter


Creativity, craftsmanship

Customers Benefit

Product yield improved dramatically, product