Advanex can machine these from a wire diameter of φ0.015. All coiling machines are equipped with a free-length detector and are guaranteed to have full load characteristics. Even in the case of high-mix, low-volume production, mixing and delivery delays do not occur due to our own process control. The hook shape of the tension spring can be adapted to any shape. Depending on the application, we also have a wide range of know-how in post-treatment, including heat treatment, setting, and surface treatment, so we will propose them to meet your needs. We possess a wide variety of facilities and overwhelming numbers of units, including mechanics and NC coiling machines, and we have built an integrated production line covering everything from material supply to coiling, heat treatment, inspection, and packaging, so we can handle even highly complex tests.

General compression springs

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The wire extruded from the feed roller of the material is finished to the specified shape by the coiling point or pitch tool. In compression springs, the load is very important, but Adspring guarantees the total length by checking the free length using a sensor. In order for customers to use them with confidence, we have such a sensor device with almost no exception in coiling processing.

Relatively small compression springs

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Advanex can use a material with a diameter of φ0.015, and its tools are designed in-house. In this way, the free length of small springs is captured by laser sensors to guarantee the whole number of springs. Other facilities use image sensors, and we guarantee the entire number of images in the same way in conjunction with the automatic correction system. If there is any abnormality during machining, the separator pulls the abnormal product and production continues, enabling full unmanned operation at nighttime/Saturdays/holidays.

Very small tension Springs

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Typical tension springs are made with a specialized machine, but sizes exceeding deformed shapes and capabilities are processed with an NC multi-forming machine. In the case of tension springs, the angle at which the hook faces is also important. In addition to inserting and controlling the touch sensor during machining, the free length is checked with a laser sensor. All necessary parts are always equipped with sensors to assure that customers can use the product with confidence.