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Unlike other surface heating elements that use nichrome or metallic materials, this device generates heat uniformly over its entire surface. With HEATNEX, a flexible, heat-generating material has been achieved by forming carbon nanotubes for resistance and applying them onto a film.

With Advanex

It has been shown that HEATNEX with its far infrared emitting carbon nanotubes delivers 4 to 5 times more heat than metal heating elements. Due to the fact that power consumption through surface heat generation and far infrared rays, is approximately 20% lower than metal heating elements energy savings can be expected.

Technology introduction

Through an application onto film, a flexible heat-generating material has been achieved.
It is now possible to create an ethereal surface heating element through the formation of electrodes in conductive materials, such as paste.

Unlike nichrome wire and metallic heating elements, generating uniform heat over an entire area is now possible.

It is known that far infrared rays emit four to five times as much heat as metallic heating elements. An energy savings of approximately 20% can be expected from heat transfer via radiant or infrared rays.

Category New Materials
Technology Carbon Nanotubes
Case studies Heaters market, Far infrared market