CASE 001 Electric Power Equipment Supply Manufacturer



The Problem

An electric power equipment supply manufacturer in Kyushu aimed to develop an anti-vibration nut to improve the safety of joints affected by vibration loosening of nuts and bolts. Initial designs and tests were carried out by a local spring maker, but they were unable to produce an effective product in the required commercial quantities. The company’s technical director approached Advanex on the web for cooperation on the proposed product.

The Solution

It took around five years to complete the product’s development from initial inquiry to a highly successful product used in various industries. Advanex was able to provide a solution through:

  • Advanced manufacturing equipment and technology
  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Strict quality control

The only requirement the customer had for the product was to create a unique nut that used spring force to prevent it from ever loosening from a bolt through vibration. Even if just one bolt was to come loose it could be the cause of a serious accident. In order to demonstrate the product, it was subjected to strict severe acceleration tests using the customer’s own vibration testing machine, which was the only one of its kind in Japan.

If a successful product could be mass-produced, there would be a huge commercial advantage to be had by the customer as the leading national supplier to a large market.

Advanex was able to create an ideal solution to this complex problem. The combined sense of achievement felt between Advanex and the customer cannot be expressed in words. The customer dreamed of evolving from a local brand into a national leader and that was achieved. They continue to expand into markets overseas.



Lock nut

Forming Method

Numerical control machine




Electric power equipment supply manufacturer


Securing joints




Five years in development


To prevent vibration loosening of nuts


Advanced equipment, prototyping

Customers Benefit

Market expanded significantly