Since the material can be slit and produced within the product’s width, this method reduces both waste and costs. Although dies are required, it is possible to stably produce products in large quantities. It can also handle matching-less machining (which is difficult to cope with in press working), and machining using rounded edge materials and misleading materials, making it ideal for exterior parts, etc. The curling process, which is a specialty of multi-forming machines, allows VA/VE of cutting products by curling the plate material. Advanex owns an overwhelming number of multi-forming machines, including machines manufactured in-house. Proprietary know-how, such as tool holder and double slide method, increases machining accuracy. Wire-forming and rod-forming are also produced, and fixed-length materials are manufactured in-house. In addition, we also possess our own packaging and transportation methods to prevent accidents. In addition to hydrocarbon-based cleaning, alkaline cleaning (water-based) is also possible.

Processing of phosphor bronze products

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Slides are attached to radially prepared face platens, and the tool is moved by the timing of the cam to make a shape. A core metal or a slide holder that approaches it is prepared in the center part called the mandrel, and precise machining is performed to maintain accuracy. The punch part is also synchronized, and unnecessary parts are removed.

Wire forming

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This is an example of wire forming. When processing R, spring-back can be suppressed by dividing it in this way. Similar machining can be performed with the NC multi-forming machine, if selected according to the product accuracy required by the customer. If this is suppressed with a mold, it can be finished to an extremely uniform product with little variation.