Instant Lock®

“Instant Lock” is a registered trademark of Advanex inc.


Recommended by the Japan Aseismic Ceiling Constructors Association. Simple to install by hand without need of tools, Instant Lock also passed testing using an impact-type vibrating tester that conforms to NAS3350 standards.

With Advanex

You get outstanding reliability

After insertion under the hanger bolt, it is maintenance-free.
It can be installed or removed quickly with just one hand.
No force, tech, tools or torque management required.
* Applicable to locations in which the excess bolt length
is a single nut (8mm) or more.

Loosening prevention dependability performance

Demonstrated stability due to the restoration of force particular to the spring, with the results confirmed with a loosening angle of 0°in NAS3550 tests.

Technology introduction

Testing machine jig

Results confirmed by the U.S. National Aerospace Standard test NA3350

Before testing

Left: Without countermeasure (single nut)
Right: Instant Lock

After testing

NAS3350 Impact-type vibrating test conditions

Item Condition/ NAS3350 standard
Assembly torque Value calculated at 50% of the minimum tensile strength*1
Bolt/Nut Class1*1
Direction of vibration Right angle against the bolt axis
Frequency 1775cpm (29.SSHz)
Vibration acceleration 20.15G
Vibration stroke 11.43mm
Impact stroke 19.00m
Vibration cycles 30,000 Cycle

*1 Conditions apply if specified by customer

Test cleared

Mounting method and impact-type vibrating test

Mounting image

① Pinch the Instant Lock to bend it

② Pass the center ring through the hanging bolt
and engage it so that the entire metal fitting covers the nut

③ Installation complete
* Install so that the hexagonal portion
of the Instant Lock rests on the nut.

Standard dimensions

W 3/8” (millimeter size is under development)

Technology Instant Lock®
* Click for video introduction.
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