Insert Collars

We propose a dimple shape for pull-out strength.


This refers to metal reinforcing metal fittings used to fix molded products with bolts. The Advanex is machined by multi-forming machines that extract, crush, and curl plates and strips of metal material.

With Advanex

The joint production of press and forming is carried out according to the number of dimples (dents). Processing of SUS-made materials other than SPCC is available. In addition, we suggest VE and VA proposals for cutting products by changing construction methods, as well as dimple shapes for pull-out strength. Since dies are manufactured in-house, we are able to respond immediately and with our and accumulate know-how to customer needs.

Category Flat Spring
Technology Multi-forming /Press
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Case studies IT Home appliances , Mobile phones / Automobiles , Aircraft / Precision equipment , Housing equipment / Other industrial equipment