"Japan Architecture Center" Appraisal Compliant Product (BCJ Appraisal-LS0107-1)


Products conforming to the rating of the Japan Architectural Centre (BCJh rating-LS0107-1).
It can be easily installed using a commercially available socket wrench. It is also cleared for studies using an impact-type vibrating tester that conforms to NAS3350 standards. Sizes range from M4 to M24.

With Advanex

Excellent anti-loosening effect

Tests using an impact-type vibrating tester that complies with NAS3350 standards have also been cleared, so you can use the tester with confidence and reduce maintenance and inspection tasks.

Reduced assembly costs

A 12mm sq. socket can be used with the nut, so you have to do it once. In addition, it can be mounted smoothly by the spring structure.

Compatible with all environments

Since SUS304WPB is used as the material, it will work in environments where there is a risk of erosion or where temperatures are severe.

Technology introduction

Technology LockOne
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Case studies IT Home appliances , Mobile phones / Automobiles , Aircraft / Everyday life , Medical / Other industrial equipment
Construction Example

Railway , Expressway , Solar Panel Frame