Insert Moldings


Parts made of other materials, such as plastic and metal, are integrated. The process can be used in a wide range of products, including digital camera lens components, connectors, electronic components, automotive electrical components, antenna components, and lithium-ion battery components.

With Advanex

Advanex is equipped with technologies, from press working to injection molding, and produces products on an integrated line. Injection molding machines are available from 40 to 100 tons, enabling processing of minimal to medium-sized products. From press dies to injection molds and automatic machines, all can be designed and manufactured in-house. We aim to reduce the number of assembly steps, size and thickness, and increase the our products’ precision. We also propose the best component designs for our customers.

Technology introduction

[Insert molding with sharp edge press]
Insert technology enables stable molding (hoop molding) that cannot be simulated in assembly.

[Hoop forming and ultra-precision press]
We have realized the use of inserts while maintaining the quality of ultra-precision press products. Thickness 0.1mm, wall width 0.1mm.

Category Insert Moldings
Technology Insert Molding
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