Deep Drawing

Transfer processing is a machining method by which molds in which each process is independent, are lined up in a row in a single press machine, driven from a crankshaft, and continuously machined while being transferred by a transfer mechanism synchronized with the press body. Here, we will introduce each process, one at a time to see which process is being used. Currently, products that are being cut and pipe-machined can also be reduced in cost or improved in accuracy by switching to transfer machining, so please consult with us.

Deep drawing

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Transfer Processing

Slides are attached to radially prepared face platens, and the tool is moved by the timing of the cam to make a shape. A core metal or a slide holder that approaches it is prepared in the center part called the mandrel, and precise machining is performed to maintain accuracy. The punch part is also synchronized, and unnecessary parts are removed.

Transfer processing

Sorry, this video is only available in Japanese.