CSR Policy

Pillars of CSR Policy

1.Contribution to society through business

  • We will produce a new value by providing knowhow and/or technology for a better world.
  • We will provide products which contribute to the long term good of the environment, improvement of safety and creation of a culture to realize a sustainable society.
  • We will aim to be a company needed by everyone.

2.Trusted Company

  • We will aim to be a sustainably growing company, trusted by shareholders and investors.
  • We will aim to be a company that establishes a governance and compliance system trusted by society.
  • We will aim to be a liked and respected company that is trusted by the local community.

3.Practice of Core Values

  • We will aim to be a company where every team member plays active roles cheerfully and lively.

Stance toward each stakeholder

Stance toward customers

  • We will ensure quality, which produces peace of mind and trust.
  • We will provide the optimal solution to solve customers’ issues.
  • We will aim to produce unique products that are not an imitation.
  • We will promote “Advanex Perfection: The Pursuit of excellence in production.”
  • We will never assist production of arms.

Stance toward suppliers

  • We will conduct fair and sound trade based on the Regulation of Procurement Management.
  • We will never accept gifts or entertainment, that are out of conventional wisdom, or an inappropriate benefit, which is given by using any advantageous position or authority.
  • We will establish strong business partnerships with suppliers for the joint fulfillment of our social responsibilities.
  • We will not use material provided through our supply chain which assists or conflicts with any violation of human rights.
  • We will never be involved with anti-social forces or assist its activity.

Stance toward global environment

  • In line with our Basic Environmental Policy, we will make an effort to maintain the global environment.
  • We will minimize and deal with waste or contaminants in the appropriate manner.
  • We will propose and promote production methods that are environmentally friendly.
  • We will contribute to reduce the burden on the environment through our business activities eg. development and expansion of environment-friendly products.

Working together with our team members

To become a company where members can work in the appropriate way for each member’s character

  • We will never discriminate against sexuality, nationality, disability or religion.
  • We will endeavor to understand each country’s traditions, values and culture to recognize and respect the differences and character of each other.
  • We will never assist forced labor, child labor, people trafficking or exploitation.

To become a company where each team member succeeds cheerfully and lively

  • We will implement and work to our 7 Core Values.
  • We will provide the culture to allow our team members to succeed fairly.
  • We will provide opportunities for the development and acquisition of skills and knowledge.
  • We will provide a safe and clean workplace.
  • We will be aware of our member of society and will comply with laws.

Working together with our shareholders and investors

  • We will disclose timely information and be transparent in our management of the Company.
  • We will consider a stable dividend as a basic principle and will endeavor to enrich returns to shareholders.
  • We will endeavor to make our business activity understood correctly through IR activity.

Working together with our community

  • We will be aware of the citizens of our community and will voluntarily work to contribute to society.
  • We will take interest and support community issues.
  • We will voluntarily support helpful activities in a disaster.