Environmental Risk Management

Creating environmentally friendly products

The company enforces strict management of its three-pronged rule of “not including, not using and not discarding” substances that are harmful to the environment, and is engaged in the promotion of environmental quality alongside product quality.

Changeover to washing liquid with less environmental impact

Washing unit utilizing hydrocarbon-based product

Aimed at environmental risk management, our factories have been involved in preventing contamination from and reducing the use of trichloroethylene to wash products and die. Advanex is pleased to report that a switch from trichloroethylene to a hydrocarbon-based washing liquid has now been completed.

Green partners

Supplier briefings

Advanex holds various briefing sessions with its business partners as it is very important that we know how they also manage environmentally harmful substances to observe the regulation.

Supplier alliances

In order to prevent prohibited substances found in treatment surfaces being used, the company also focuses its attention on plated products. Advanex inspects the plants of surface treatment companies before listing them on our company register.

Emergency procedures

Emergency training

Corporate activities deployed by the Advanex Group are not oblivious to the risk of natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes.

Emergency trainin

All employees participate in emergency training once a year so as to prevent and lessen the impact of a crisis situation. Training involves the prompt extinguishing of fires, evacuation, reporting to the local neighborhood and reporting to administrative authorities.

Entire Group engaged in the environment

The Advanex Group was quick to introduce ISO-14001 and continues to actively implement these standards.

ISO-14001 acquisition situation of ADVANEX Group

Japan Acquisition date Certifying Institution
ADVANEX Niigata Factory 2000年10月 DNV
Overseas Acquisition date Certifying Institution
 Advanex (Thailand) Ltd. June, 2006 SGS
 Advanex (Dalian) Inc. January, 2005 TUV
 Advanex (Dongguan) Inc. February, 2005 DNV
 Advanex (Shanghai) Inc. May, 2005 SGS
 Advanex (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. July, 2005 SGS
 Advanex Europe Ltd. March, 2008 BSI
 Advanex Americas, Inc. July, 2006 Interrek
 Advanex (Vietnam) Ltd. April, 2012 SGS
 Advanex (Changzhou) Inc. May, 2014 SGS
 PT. Advanex Precision Indonesia November, 2014 JAS-ANS