Corporate Ethics & Law-abiding Basic Policy

Basic policy of Advanex group’s ethics and the compliance management

The mission of the Advanex group is “Satisfaction-plus network for a better world”.
Adopting an ethical approach, we observe the laws and rules to achieve our mission to be good global citizens.
Using our own initiative, Advanex will keep aggressively contributing to society.

The action guides for achieving the “basic policy”

1. Sound management

(Reasonable, fair management and information disclosure)

  • We recognize our responsibilities to be good global citizens, and to operate transparent, sound management practices.
  • We disclose accurate information to all stake-holders by the appropriate time and the method.
  • The facts are revealed whether it benefits or hinders us.
  • We faithfully react to complaints and/or proposals.
  • We do not support any unethical practices.

2. Observance of law and regulation

(Esteem of culture and human rights)

  • We observe the laws, rules, and the spirit of them in each country.

3. Respect for different culture and contribution to the region

  • We respect the culture and customs in each region.
  • We contribute to the economy and progress of society by the adoption, the promotion, and the appointment of the local people.
  • We positively contribute to society.
  • We respect our employees’ human rights.
  • We provide growth opportunities, self-actualization and a safe workplace for our employees.

4. Contribution to improvement of environment

  • We save resources and energy by the promotion of paperless systems and minimizing power consumption.
  • We minimize waste by promoting the 3R principle (REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE).
  • We pledge never to do anything that has a negative effect on the environment.

5. Conservation of company asset and effective use of them

(Conservation and effective use of “intangible assets like information, time and knowledge and “tangible assets”.)

  • We never misappropriate company assets for private purposes.
  • We respect others’ assets and rights.