Basic Environment Policy

Basic Philosophy

ADVANEX INC. recognizes the preservation and conservation of the environment as one of the most important issues facing mankind and strives to conserve and improve the environment throughout all aspects of its corporate activities. Thinking outside conventional corporate boundaries, the company also encourages environmentally friendly activities within the home and in the local community.

Basic Policy

  1. An organizational structure enabling the activities of all staff to be linked so as to further drive preservation of the environment.
  2. Work to continuously improve activities to preserve the environment by obtaining an accurate understanding of how corporate activities impact the environment and then establishing technically and economically attainable environment objectives and targets.
  3. Strictly abide by laws and ordinances concerning the environment, understand the philosophy behind such rules, and establish autonomous guidelines in an effort to achieve an even higher level of environmental preservation.
  4. All areas of corporate activity are to be engaged in conserving natural resources and energy, as well as recycling and reducing waste.
  5. Wherever and whenever possible, the company shall utilize alternative technology and recover, recycle, or reduce the use of hazardous substances and substances that destroy the ozone layer, contribute to global warming, and detrimentally impact the environment.
  6. Contribute to society via social activities aimed at the environment.
  7. Implement environmental audits and strive to improve environmental management.
  8. Implement environmental education and in-house publicity activities to further our employees’ understanding of the company’s Basic Environmental Policy and further promote overall awareness toward the environment.
  9. To work on environmental substance investigation (hazardous substances and conflict minerals) diligently and to comply environmental regulation.