CASE 009 Switch Manufacturer



The Problem

A switch manufacturer contacted Advanex because the local spring maker they were working with was unable to produce springs that met their design specifications. Advanex offered support, despite the fact that the springs they were using were made by a competitor. The customer had produced specifications for the springs on their own and had them produced by a local spring maker but they were found to be over-stressed and ineffective. They tried to use the Advanex design software on our website but needed the know-how of a specialist, so they contacted the Advanex Customer Support Center.

The Solution

Advanex was able to offer superior service and knowledge to meet a specific challenge. This was achieved by:

  • Rapid prototyping and testing
  • Quick and helpful correspondence
  • Knowledge and technical ability

The customer required a functioning torsion spring for use in a new joystick. The customer requested that Advanex design and develop a spring that would continuously work through the full range of movement required.

To strengthen the customer’s relationship with Advanex, we arranged for their engineers and ours to communicate directly due to the complex nature of the project. After discussing the matter, our engineer at the Koriyama Prototype Center designed a spring that was, in theory, up to the task and sent the drawings to the customer.

Using a numerical control multi-forming machine at the prototype center, they produced a sample with more coils to reduce fluctuations in stress and avoid spring setting and also adjusted the leg angles to meet the customer’s required torque levels and add durability.

In all, five prototypes of the spring were produced. All communication was done via telephone and e-mail exchanges with the customer, who appreciated the quick responses from Advanex. During development of their initial product, the customer then ordered a compression spring, which further demonstrated their faith in Advanex’s capabilities.



Torsion spring

Forming Method

NC multi-forming machine




Switch manufacturer


Joy stick




6 months after initial request


Achieving a full range of joystick motion


Mass-production, fast and effective design

Customers Benefit

They remain competitive