Extension Springs


Among coil springs, exension springs are widely used with compression springs. They are used in applications in which a load in the tensile direction, against a compression spring. The initial tension is effectively utilized, and it is generally made into close contact winding in order to reduce the space. Hooks for receiving loads are usually raised at both ends, but their shapes are designed in a variety of ways depending on the application.

With Advanex

Both prototype and mass production services are available for a single design. “WEB Spring Calculation” on the website is available. In addition, we can immediately respond to design upon request. If you can tell us your basic requirements, we will support the design, including a variety of proposals. Especially in cases where the stress applied to the hook portion of a exension spring is large, and there are some examples of breakage there. Advanex uses a mechanical processing machine and an NC multi-forming machine separately for hook shapes that are designed according to the application, including solutions for stress relaxation, to meet the requested shape.

Category Wire spring
Technology Coiling /NC Multi-Forming
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