Precision Press

We possess a wide variety of facilities, from general-purpose presses to high-speed presses.


This is a press machine that extracts, bends, rounds, or crushes plates and strips of metallic material, or a spring of its shape.

With Advanex

Advanex owns a wide variety of equipment, from general-purpose presses to high-speed presses. We also support press work using stainless steel spring materials. Since our dies are manufactured in-house, we are able to respond to customer needs immediately and with our accumulated know-how.

Technology introduction

[Ultra-fine press part 1]

[Ultra-fine press section 2]

*There is no blurring on the burr side.

[Ultra-fine press section 3]

*Stable bending is possible even after the terminal tip is disconnected.

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Technology High-speed precision presses /Difference between Press and Forming
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