Quality assurance of ADVANEX, means security and confidence

Precision springs are parts that are incorporated into any final product. The quality of springs also translates to the quality of products manufactured by clients. Through our quality assurance efforts, ADVANEX delivers products that you may order with peace of mind and with the confidence that you have made the right choice.
Please rest assured when you use ADVANEX springs.

Basic policy

ADVANEX’s basic policy for quality assurance is, “all quality improvements follow sound management.” By supplying reliable products, we provide assurance to all.

Organizational structure

The seven sections responsible for quality control and quality assurance, including the quality control sections for each of our domestic factories (Niigata Plant, Aomori Plant, Oita Plant, Chiba Plant, and Saitama Plant), the purchasing quality control section for product purchases of the Kyoei Company and the section managing quality at overseas bases, are under the umbrella classification of the Quality Assurance Department.

Inspection system

To assure quality, we have implemented thorough inspection systems in line with the manufacturing process, including initial inspections, setup confirmations, in-line inspections and shipping inspections, and have devised ways to prevent defective products from ascending to the next stage.
In the unlikely event of a customer complaint, we immediately investigate the defect and forward the response to the customer. We prevent recurrences by creating and sharing a database of defects.

Inspection equipment

We have all the inspection facilities in place to ensure that customers can use our products with confidence, including load testers, torque testers, hardness meters, projectors, lightmatics, measuring microscopes, 3-D measuring instruments, and no-contact image dimension measuring instruments, which all analyze precision components—especially for springs.

Status of External Certification Acquisition

In 1995, the Niigata Plant became the first company in the industry to receive certification ISO9001 for its quality control management system. It later received certification ISO14001 for its environmental management system in 2000.