Torsion Springs


These are springs with legs on both ends that attach to the product and utilize the repulsive force generated when twisted. Compared to coil springs, they can be designed to be lightweight because of the relatively large amount of energy that can be stored in the same mass. Shape requirements vary depending on mounting methods and locations, so they are mostly made-to-order. This spring requires a design force.

With Advanex

Torsion springs, which are made to order for a variety of products and require design expertise, including leg and load calculations required for the spring. Advanex has designed the most suitable springs to meet customers’ demands from the prototype stage while providing ideas and solutions. In addition, since springs with different characteristics can be manufactured experimentally at our prototype center, they can immediately be mounted on the product and tested.

Category Wire spring
Technology Coiling /NC Multi-Forming
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Case studies IT Home appliances , Mobile phones /Automobiles , Aircraft / Precision equipment , Housing equipment